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Media :: Documentary Screening - Love is a Verb

Triangle : 01-13-2015

Divan Center invites you to join us for the screening of a new documentary on the
Gulen Movement on January 13th @6:00pm at Duke Bryan Center,Griffith Theater
with participation of Kenneth Hunter, Executive Producer and Hakan Berberoglu, Co-Producer.

Love is a Verb is an examination of a social movement that began in Turkey in the 1960s
and now reaches across the globe. The group is called Hizmet, the Turkish word for
service or The Gulen Movement after its inspiration, leader and beloved teacher
Fethullah Gulen, a man that Time Magazine named as one of the most influential leaders
in the world in 2013.

Please visit www.loveisaverbmovie.com for more information about the documentary and to watch the trailer.

Announcement :: Divan Center Strongly Condemns the Terrorist Attack in Paris

Triangle : 01-07-2015

Divan Center condemns the terrorist attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo in the strongest terms. Such horrific actions represent an assault on democratic values and can never be justified no matter the underlying reason. Even against insults, the befitting response must always be legal and civil.

Our thoughts are with the people of France and our prayers with the families of the deceased and injured. We must all honor the victims by hardening our commitment to spreading peace, tolerance and mutual respect.

-Divan Center


Triangle : 12-14-2014

Cooking Class :: Last Cooking Class of Fall Semester

Triangle : 12-06-2014

The Fall Cooking Classes' last lesson had Turkish-style breakfast on the menu. We have been waiting for this class for a long time, since we were all eager to learn how to make simit: Turkish sesame roll breads. Simit is a pastry that you can find anytime and anywhere in Turkey. It is sold on the streets and also in the bakeries. It goes well with anything, especially at the breakfast with feta cheese and tomatoes. We learned how to prepare the simit at this class: from dough preparation to boiling in molasses, covering with sesame seeds, rolling the dough and baking. In addition to simit, we also learned how to make menemen: Turkish style scrambled eggs with vegetables. At this class, there was one more special, and that was Turkish tea. Our teacher showed us how to brew loose Turkish tea leaves, and taught us how to use the Turkish teapot set.