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Dinner :: Ramadan Tent

Triangle : 07-26-2014

Speaker Series :: Crime In America: Myths, Realities and Responses

Triangle : 06-21-2014

Dr Rosch enthusiastically shared his understanding of the nature of crime, criminals, punishment, deterrence, and prevention. He showed how crime varies dramatically -- often for reasons we don't understand -- from country to country, city to city, and decade to decade. He told the audience about programs for crime prevention, mostly focusing on young children and their parents, that have been proven to work and that he has presented this year to interested North Carolina legislators.

Art :: Turkish & Islamic Art Presentation

Triangle : 06-08-2014

IITS NC and Divan Center had a documentary showing on Sunday, 8/6/2014. The documentary, produced by PBS, was the "Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World."

Speaker Series :: Town Hall Style Meeting

Triad : 05-18-2014