Welcome to the Divan Center
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Media :: Documentary Screening - Love is a Verb

Triangle : 09-29-2014

Art :: Turkish & Islamic Art Presentation

Triangle : 09-27-2014

Speaker Series :: Where is Turkey currently on the path to democratization?

Triangle : 09-13-2014

Cooking Class :: First Cooking Class of the Fall Semester

Triangle : 09-06-2014

We enjoyed getting together with you at the first cooking class of the year! We had some familiar faces as well as some new faces at the class.

We learned Turkic/Tatar style Kirma Borek. We prepared two trays of borek. One tray had feta cheese filling, and other tray had ground beef filling. The students actively participated in making of borek which turned out to be great!!! That is why there was none left at the end of class. We also learned puding with shredded dough (kadayiflu muhallebi) dessert and mucver (zucchini patties). After the class, we enjoyed all of these dishes with Turkish tea, and with fresh figs that one of the students brought from her garden!