Welcome to the Divan Center
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Art :: Water Marbling (EBRU) Class coming soon!

Triangle : 11-08-2014

Art :: Turkish & Islamic Art Presentation

Triangle : 10-18-2014

Seminar :: Diabetes Self Management Workshop

Triangle : 10-16-2014

Cooking Class :: Joyful with Traditional Dishes

Triangle : 10-11-2014

At the cooking class on 10/11, we learned three dishes. The Hacegan soup is a vegetable soup from the Ottoman Empire cuisine. This traditional soup is prepared with mushroom, corn, carrots and nuts. The second dish that we learned was dolma and sarma. Dolma is the name used for any stuffed vegetable. It can be eggplant, zucchini, tomato or onion. This time, we prepared the dolma with zucchini and we stuffed it with ground beef and rice.