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Media :: Documentary Screening - Love is a Verb

Triangle : 09-29-2014

Art :: Turkish & Islamic Art Presentation

Triangle : 09-27-2014

Media :: News&Record: Greensboro photographer chronicles visit to Syrian border

Triad : 09-21-2014

By Todd Drake Special to News & Record

Todd Drake, a Greensboro-based human rights photographer, visited the Syrian refugee community living in Kilis, Turkey, along the Syrian/Turkey border in May. With the help of volunteers and staff from the Turkish nonprofit Kimse Yok Mu (Turkish for "Is Anyone Out There?"), he went to a soup kitchen and shelter for Syrian refugees.
Here, he reports what he saw.

The view from the hilltop was of farmland planted in orderly rows of fig and apricot trees.

Cooking Class :: Dishes from Sultan's Kitchen

Triangle : 09-20-2014

At the cooking class last Saturday, 9/20/14, we learned dishes from the Ottoman Empire cuisine : Eggplant dish Karniyarik (split belly) and kunefe. Kunefe is considered to be one of the most delicious Turkish desserts, and we prepared it with shredded dough (kataifi), cheese and syrup. We also learned how to prepare cacik (cucumber yogurt sauce). Students actively participated while filling in the eggplants.