Cooking Class
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Have you ever tasted delicious Turkish food?
Do you want to learn more about authentic Turkish cuisine?

Divan Center offers Turkish Cuisine cooking classes. You are going to be actively participating in creating fabulous masterpieces of Turkish cuisine during the class. Our experienced instructors will teach and help you improve your cooking skills. And of course, you are very welcome to join the feast at the end of the class!

It is very easy to enroll in the program!
Please RSVP to at least 2 days before class.

Hurry up, the space is limited!

Cooking Classes will start on Saturday, January 23, 2016 & on following Saturdays below, and you will learn 3 recipes per class.

Jan 30: Ezogelin Soup (Ezogelin Corbasi), Sheet Borek (Carsaf Boregi), Semolina Dessert with Ice cream ( Dondurmali Irmik Helvasi)

Feb 6: Drape Pilaf (Perde Pilavi), Vegetarian Red beans (Zeytinyagli Barbunya), Meringue Cake (Bezeli Pasta)

Feb 20: Smashed Eggplant Kabob (Hunkar Begendi), Bulgur Rice with veggies, Rolled Cake

March 5: Kale Soup (Kara Lahana Corbasi), Pilaf with beef stew, Colored winter salad

March 19: Turkish Ravioli (Manti), Shepherd Salad, Shredded Dough Dessert (Kunefe)

April 2: Pea Palao & Chicken Karhai, Salad, Yogurt, Rice (Pakistani Cuisine)

April 16: Tortilla Rolls with meat, Squash Dish, Carrot and Celery Salad

April 30: Three dishes from Azerbaijani Cuisine


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Spring Cooking Class Celebration

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Cooking Class End Of Fall Semester Term Celebration

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WRAL--Divan Center offers Turkish cuisine cooking classes

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