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Announcement :: Terrorist Attack in Sri Lanka

Triangle : 04-21-2019

We are gravely saddened and appalled by the horrendous and heart-wrenching terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on April 21st, 2019. Unfortunately, those terrible bombings claimed more than 320 innocent lives. Divan Center firmly condemns the barbaric attacks on churches and other venues in Sri Lanka during Easter Sunday and stands in the strongest terms against all acts of hate crimes and terrorism at any platform. We share the tremendous pain of the families who lost their loved ones in these bombings. The families of the victims in Sri Lanka are in our thoughts and prayers.

We need to act faster and harder than ever to empower in the society the awareness of different social groups, cultures, languages, political views through open dialogue and engage in joint efforts to develop more and better understanding of each other. When we all share the sorrows of each other, we will be closer to achieve world peace and to avoid any form of terrorism.

We call upon the authorities all over the world to make the safety and security of members of any belief –be it minority or majority—one of their primary duties and to protect all places of worship very rigorously. We hope and pray that these heinous acts will not divide us as people of different faiths, but on the contrary we will do whatever is within our reach to open more dialogue and cooperation between all faiths for the common good of humanity. We pray, mourn and cry for the souls victimized by the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on April 21st and implore to God Almighty to grant them solace and blessings. May this be the last of such villainous acts against humanity and does never happen again.

Letter from Interfaith Representatives of Divan, NC

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